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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Weed in Washington, D.C.?

Weed became legal in Washington D.C through I-71. After the legalization of weed, adults over the age of 21 can smoke and keep up to two ounce of marijuana at a time. 
Getting weed in Washington, D.C. for recreational purposes doesn’t require a medical card. Since there is a restriction on selling weed, you cannot buy or purchase it in D.C. Many dispensaries sell things like stationary items, shirts, mugs, and much more along with weed as a gift.
People living in Washington, D.C. can get the best quality weed from online stores as well as from dispensaries. Kind Budz DC is a weed delivery company that provides the best quality weed in Washington, D.C. You can get in contact to order weed of premium quality at affordable prices.

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Read Frequently Asked Questions & Learn How to find weed in DC

Is Weed Legal in Washington, D.C.?

Weed in Washington DC is legal for both medicinal and recreational use. Washington DC weed for possession, transit, personal use, production, and gifting is legally available in the state. It is done after a regulated structure is implemented following voters’ positive vote on a 2014 ballot proposal.

Can You Smoke Weed Freely in Public in Washington D.C.?

Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in Washington, consuming marijuana products in public places is still prohibited.

Where can I smoke weed in D.C.?

Just so we’re clear – smoking weed in DC is legal as long as you are NOT smoking in public places and on federal property. This means smoking on private property is allowed, but smoking in privately accessible public places like a store or bar isn’t. But of course, note that some bars might let you smoke on their property – if you know the right people.

“Public” Safe Places to Smoke Weed

We get it. Sometimes, a little fresh air and change of scenery can make your sesh so much better. But smoking weed is 100% ILLEGAL in public places…however, there are a few places that have been known to let you smoke weed on their property. (But you didn’t hear it from us).

1. Rooftop Bars/Nightclubs
Some Nightclubs in D.C. are lenient and allow their patrons to spark a joint or two on their property. Your chances will be higher (no pun intended) at an outdoor or rooftop location.

2. Georgetown
Georgetown, DC can be regarded as a safe place to smoke. We say this because it houses a large population of smoke shops. Although there have been some cases of police restricting the use of cannabis over the years, there’s an eye-pleasing waterfront area where people have been known to smoke.

3. U Street
Located in Northwest D.C., U street can be regarded as a cultural center and nightlife center. U street also comprises uncrowded alleyways that can serve as a smoke spot. It also has a couple of attractions that can keep you busy after a smoke sesh.

4. Congressional Cemetery
Although you run the risk of a wave of flesh-eating zombies, the congressional cemetery located in Southeast DC is known as one of the safest spots to light up. You’re less likely to be disturbed due to the absence of a large crowd.

Where you shouldn’t be smoking weed in D.C.

Again. Smoking weed publically is NOT legal in Washington DC. So roll up at your own risk. Now, we will list the places where smoking your pre-rolls will get you into BIG trouble.

Tourists Also Buy Weed In Washington D.C.?

Unfortunately, tourists are not generally eligible or qualify for a medical marijuana card. So if they want to purchase weed in Washington D.C., they can avail it from the gifting community in the state. You should remember never to fly home while having weed with you, as it can be unsafe for you.

Can You Buy Edibles in Washington D.C.?

Getting anything linked to marijuana might now be an uncomfortable experience. But don’t take stress as acquiring edibles in D.C. has now become much easier. Consumers may now obtain the high-quality edibles in D.C. in a quick and easy way, thanks to internet merchants.
You have to go to several websites’ online menus and choose your preferred edible form. After that, your high-quality edibles will be available for pickup at our store. It’s worth noting that you’ll be asked to provide a government-issued I.D. card to verify that the customer is of legal age. You can always consider Kind Budz D.C. if you are in search of edibles. Contact them today at (202)-638-9220

How to Buy Weed From a Medical Dispensary in Washington, D.C.?

If you want to BUY recreational marijuana in D.C., you’ll have to obey the laws and regulations. It includes:

  • You should be at least 21 years old or older.
  • You must possess a medical marijuana card for therapeutic purposes.
  • You must pay a visit to a pharmacy.
  • You must smoke in designated permitted areas.

These are some of the current rules in D.C. All these rules can make anyone wonder if marijuana is actually allowed in the nation’s capital. If you’re a visitor to the DMV region or a regular smoker in D.C., we recommend getting your marijuana from a registered I-71 shop.

Which Dispensaries are Open in Washington, D.C.?

In Washington, DC, there are various cannabis stores to select from. However, be aware that not all of them are authorized or I71 compliant among all weed stores. The majority of these dispensaries are shady back-door operators. They frequently lead you to engage in illegal activities, which will definitely be a horrifying experience for anyone. But you can always trust Kind Budz D.C. if you are looking for high-quality weed. 

What are the Weed Laws in Washington D.C.?

Obtaining weed in Washington D.C. is legal as long as you follow the applicable regulations. Residents are allowed to carry up to two ounces of marijuana at a time. This is completely according to the legislation.
You may also give or give away up to one ounce of marijuana as well. When it comes to marijuana production, there is a rule of growing a fixed number. You can just have up to six plants, three of which must be mature. The recreational marijuana laws made possible by Initiative 71 include a number of things. You can visit for more information.

Weed Legal in D.C.?

The legalization measure of marijuana for D.C. was approved in 2014. According to it, any person with age 21 or more can legally possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana in the state. However, he can only give 1 ounce of marijuana to the other person.
Growing marijuana at home is also legal for adults, but a house cannot have more than six marijuana plants at a time. Among the six plants, three of them can be mature.
While being in D.C., you can also get marijuana drugs like cigar, rolling papers, or bongs containing only an ounce or less of marijuana.
Use of any marijuana product, provided the above criteria are met can be used on any private property.

Where can I Smoke Weed in D.C.?

Smoking is legal in D.C. as long as you are not smoking it on any federal property or in a public space. It is entirely safe to smoke it on private properties. Though it is totally illegal to smoke in public spaces, some owners still allow you to spark a joint. Considering this, a nightclub is the best spot for smoking marijuana, especially if it’s a rooftop bar.
Another top-notch area for smoking weed is U Street, which is a nightlife hub and serves as an African-American cultural center. The street has several uncrowded passageways that are just the perfect spots for smoking weed.
Georgetown is a charming area with a couple of cannabis stores and an amazing view. This place is safe for smoking, but you may encounter a crowd of people more prominent than usual.
Nevertheless, the safest of all spots in your home is where you can smoke weed without the risk of getting arrested.

Can I Get a Weed Delivery in D.C.?

Although Washington D.C. was the second state to legalize recreational marijuana, this state still does not allow marijuana delivery at your homes. The Gifting community will be more than happy to deliver any weed products with a donation such as the company King Budz DC!

Where to Get Weed in D.C.?

If you’re looking to get weed for medicinal reasons, the best place to go is a legal weed dispensary. Professional budtenders will propose the best items for you at these establishments. You are authorized to purchase up to two ounces of marijuana each month as a patient.
You cannot purchase marijuana for recreational use. You may, however, utilize a gifting service to acquire free marijuana for unrelated purchases by using a gifting service.

How Can You Get Access to Dispensaries in Virginia?

You must first receive your medical marijuana card in order to enter Virginia shops. After that, you can begin purchasing legal cannabis goods. You may now obtain authorization for medicinal marijuana through telemedicine at Virginia Marijuana Card. Telemedicine enables you to have your consultation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Is it Possible in Virginia to Get Marijuana Delivered?

If you have a Virginia marijuana card, you may easily get medicinal marijuana delivered to your home no matter where you live in the state. Despite the fact that adult-use marijuana is allowed to possess, it will not be legal to purchase until 2024. You can also utilize the gifting system that DC uses to obtain some fresh  green.

In Virginia, Can You Get Marijuana Without a Medical Card?

When you have a medical marijuana card in Virginia, you don’t have to wait to legally purchase marijuana goods. Legal cannabis is available in a variety of forms and THC strengths at dispensaries around the state.
Adult-use marijuana regulations are still uncertain in Virginia, despite the fact that it became legal to possess on July 1, 2021. The initial target date for recreational shops to start selling adult-use cannabis in Virginia was 2024, but the state legislature’s new leadership may cause more delays.