Popular Weed Strains in D.C. 

A strain with a high THC content will certainly give you an intense euphoria. THC is a highly intoxicating and psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana. A strain with a high THC concentration is said to be more potent, and such a strain has an intense euphoric effect. 

After a long struggle, D.C has witnessed the legalization of weed, but with many restrictions. Adults above the age of 21 can smoke weed, but no one in the state can sell or purchase weed. But with Kind Budz DC, finding the best potent strains has become a lot easier. You can get any weed strain of your choice from Kind Budz DC.

Here is a list and information about some of the popular weed strains in D.C. Read about them to find out which one suits you the best. 

Pineapple Express 

This strain has about 25% THC content, which is enough to cause an intense high and boost up a person’s creative energy. It is an instant stress reliever and works quickly against anxiety. You can easily get over various mental and physical health conditions by using this strain. 

It is a Sativa dominant strain that has a citrusy and pepper-like aroma. Pineapple Express is believed to be produced as a result of a cross between Hawaiian and Trainwreck. The euphoria you will experience will be long-lasting and much more effective than that produced by other strains. 

Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush has its genetics very similar to OG Kush. It is an Indica-dominant strain having a THC concentration somewhere between 26% to 29%. This plant doesn’t grow very large, but it is very bushy. When ideal conditions are provided to it, you can expect a very high yield from Khalifa Kush. This plant has a flowering time of 63 days when grown indoors. 

This strain typically uplifts our mood and has stimulating effects. You will feel relaxed after consuming it. However, this strain doesn’t cause heavy sedation even though it contains a high THC concentration. It also has uplifting cerebral effects, but it is not well suited for beginners. 

Bubba Kush 

The exact genetics of Bubba Kush is still unknown, but it is certainly true that it is a descendant of OG Kush. Coffee lovers will definitely love this strain as it has cocoa and coffee-like smell with a bit earthy and nutty taste that is more towards the sweet side. You will instantly get the calming sensation after consuming it, majorly because it is an Indica dominant strain. 

No matter if you are suffering from depression, stress, or pain of any kind, Bubba Kush will take it away by creating a strong euphoria, making you happy and uplifting your mood. Its THC content usually fluctuates between 15% to 22%. 

Grandaddy Purple 

It is one of the most popular strains that people absolutely love. The delicious candy-like flavor of Granddaddy Purple makes it unique, and its relaxing effect is what makes it popular. It also has a hint of grape and berries that is definitely a treat to your taste buds. It was first obtained by crossing a Purple Urkle with a Big Bud strain. 

Its THC content is usually at 21%, while CBD concentration is almost negligible. People with anxiety and depression will find it very beneficial. Right when you smoke this strain, you will feel uplifting cerebral effects and intense euphoria. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a big lawn or a less spacious home; you can grow Granddaddy Purple anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The average flowering time for this strain is 11 weeks. 

Sour Diesel 

If a weed strain has the most intense aroma, it is definitely Sour Diesel. The smell is very full with a hint of herbs and lemon. This reason is good enough for it to be considered the most pungent strain. Though it is not one of those tasty and attractive strains, it does have the potential to uplift your mood, deal with depression, and make you energized. Its THC content goes up to 26%, making it one of the strongest strains. 

It contributes a lot to dealing with mental health issues like stress and depression. At the same time, it is beneficial for headaches and chronic pain. However, you may experience dry mouth after its consumption, which is not such a big issue if you stay hydrated the whole time. 

GMO Cookies

Though it is a popular Indica strain, GMO Cookies look much like a Sativa strain. This plant is occupied with a large number of orange pistils that look appealing to the eyes. The trichomes on its buds are also very dense and are white in color. The bud has an elongated shape. 

It has a mix of strange flavors like sweet coffee with a hint of garlic. You will feel as though you are smoking coffee instead of weed. Just similar to its taste, the smell of GMO cookies is much like freshly peeled garlic. 

Its THC content is enough to tell why this strain is so popular. In most GMO Cookies plants, THC concentration goes as high as 30%. This is very beneficial against mental health disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety, which are very common among the masses. 

Ice Cream Cake 

The name Ice Cream Cake is itself evidence of its taste. This strain has the best combination of flavor and aroma. It has a nutty vanilla scent and a cheesy taste with spicy notes that make the experience even more mesmerizing. Beginners should not even get closer to this strain as it has an intolerably high concentration of THC. Apart from that, this strain is fulfilling on its own. 

The relaxing effect of the Ice Cream Cake will make you stick to your couch. The stress of work or other life miseries will go away, soothing your mind and keeping you calm. No matter what mental condition you are going through, it is perfect for making you relaxed. Even if you are suffering from insomnia, you will find Ice Cream Cake the perfect solution to your problem. 

King Louis

If you are an insomniac and feel difficulty in sleeping, why not try King Louis? This weed strain is known for helping people sleep peacefully while keeping the stress away. You will also love its flavor, which has strong hints of spice and herbs. Weed enthusiasts love how unique it tastes. King Louis is a very potent weed strain with as high as 26% THC and less than 1% CBD content. 

Growing this strain at home is extremely beneficial as it gives a very high yield both indoors and outdoors. As it is easy to grow, you will not feel any difficulty in growing it, even if you are a beginner. 

When it comes to taste, King Louis provides sedating effects that are beneficial for insomniacs. You can take it just before sleeping to get the most benefits. Not only do you get the most peaceful sleep, but you will also feel refreshed after waking up. 

White Widow

It is a very popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a beautiful appearance. The presence of white crystal buds on this plant makes it appealing to the eyes. Along with that, this strain has barely visible pistils and aesthetic green leaves. White Widow was produced by Green House Seeds for the very first time. 

The THC concentration in this strain is very high. Due to such high THC content, it gives a powerful euphoria and makes a person extremely calm. You will feel the high right after its consumption. You will feel a wave of relaxation going through your body. Its distinct forest-like flavor with earthy and woody smell seems best for the days when you feel lazy. 

Final Verdict

There are hundreds and even thousands of known weed strains, each one with its unique features. With the combination of existing ones, we see the production of many new strains almost every day. But not every strain is suitable for every person. 

You need to find out your aim for which you need weed. Check out the characteristics and effects of various strains to match your needs. We understand finding weed is a lot difficult in D.C., but you can always look up to Kind Budz D.C. for a strain that matches your needs. 

If you have more queries regarding our company or weed strains, you are free to contact us at 202 638 9220

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